Office of Inspections


The Office of Inspections provides the Secretary of State and Congress with systematic and independent evaluations of the operations of the Department, its posts abroad, and related activities. OIG schedules an inspection of each post and bureau within a 5-year cycle in accordance with the Foreign Service Act of 1980.

Inspections cover three broad areas as set forth in the Foreign Service Act of 1980:

Policy Implementation: whether policy goals and objectives are being effectively achieved; whether post operations are in consonance with the foreign policy of the United States; whether U. S. interests are being accurately and effectively represented; and whether all elements of an office or mission are being adequately coordinated.

Resource Management: whether resources are being used and managed with maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and economy and whether financial transactions and accounts are properly conducted, maintained, and reported.

Management Controls: whether the administration of activities and operations meets the requirements of applicable laws and regulations; whether internal management controls have been instituted to ensure quality of performance and reduce the likelihood of mismanagement; whether instances of fraud, waste, or abuse exist; and whether adequate steps for detection, correction and prevention have been taken.

The inspections provide an independent evaluation of the performance of each chief of mission, deputy chief of mission, principal officer, Assistant Secretary, and Deputy Assistant Secretary. They also provide an assessment of the adequacy of management and coordination of physical and procedural security as well as law enforcement activities in each mission.

The Office of Inspections conducts follow-up reviews on approximately 15-20 percent of posts, offices, and bureaus inspected. These reviews occur 6months or more after the full inspection and are designed to revisit key issues to ensure implementation of recommendations and provide quality control of the inspection process.

The Consular Evaluation Unit within the Office of Inspections manages and coordinates work related to consular operations.

OIG will use the results of these inspections, in coordination with the work of other OIG offices, to address systemic deficiencies and identify remedies, or to initiate thematic reviews of Department and BBG programs.